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Inés - Books

Books - Inés
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I believe in books’ wisdom. They teach you everything from maths, history, language, to moral values.
Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve read many books of every genre, like history, fantasy and romance. Most of my beliefs come from things I’ve read. That might be because I admire the characters that appear in books I like. Who doesn’t dream to be like their favorite character or have the adventures that happen to them? Sometimes people think that they don’t have a good reason to do what their “hero” would do. That’s a big mistake. In normal conditions, we are not between a sword and a wall, that’s why you must do what you think is right without caring about the moment or the consequences. I’m not saying that you have to do what you want with it thinking. What I mean is that we can’t worry about everything. In books, the main characters always have huge problems and they solve them step by step.
A year ago, I read a book about a group of thieves that could steal anything. One of the characters gets in trouble and they help her. The problem is she gets kidnapped by a rich man hat controls the city and they are just a group of five people. From that book I learned that the situation or the problem doesn’t matter, you always have to fight. And if you really want something, you’ll work until you get it. It also taught me that people who are always talking about how strong they are, are not always the strongest.
In conclusion, as I see it, there isn’t anybody who reads a book and doesn’t learn something. That’s completely impossible! Books are a fantastic way to get wisdom and moral values. What’s more, books should be free, but that would be too amazing. 
I believe in books. I believe in what they teach you and I believe in the new values and knowledge I’ve learned thanks to them.

Alicia - people can change 

People Can Change - Alicia
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My dad always says that he isn’t the same person that he was in the past. He taught me that everyone can change, and that we all need more than one, or more than two opportunities in our lives to change.
I’ve made a lot of errors and I haven’t always made the right decisions. When I was little, I did a lot of things for my friends and family, but I didn’t do anything for myself. I always looked for other people’s happiness and not for my own. 
I remember one day when I was eleven. I was with a lot of friends in the park, and they wanted to go to the football field/stadium/camp. I did too. But one friend didn’t want to go, so she told me that I had to stay with her. I felt bad, because I really wanted to go, by my friend threatened me. She said, “if you go, you can’t talk to me anymore.” 
So I stayed with her. We were bored all afternoon, and when I had to go back home, she decided to go meet our other friend at the football field/stadium/camp. 
When I arrived home, I was crying with my mom for an hour. She told me that I had to look out for myself and not always for others.
That phrase is part of my life now. A very good friend of mine says it more than once a day, and I think I have changed a lot. I’m not the same person that I was in the past, now i make my own decisions, I do things I want to do, and I’m not afraid of saying my opinion or saying anything to anyone.
Now, I still make the wrong decisions. I say things that I don’t have to say or I do things that I don’t have to do, but it’s normal. Life is full of moments, but they can’t always be good. One thing I know now is that I do things because I want to and not for other people or my fiends. Obviously I do things for my friends, this is a part of me that will never change, but I have learned that it’s not bad to say “no,” if you don’t want to do something. Saying “no,” “no” is “no” always, in every situation.
I believe you have to feel proud about yourself and about your decisions. This is a part of you that nobody can change except you, so do what you want, think about others, but always try to make the right decision, most importantly, for yourself.

Beatriz - Uniqueness

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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I think that every student has felt that change, when you leave your primary school and start middle school. Suddenly, you are not the oldest anymore, and you find yourself in a completely different world where first year pupils are anyone, where you feel like you don’t fit in because everyone is cooler than you, and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Or is there?
I can perfectly remember the first day of middle school, almost four years ago. My friends and I arrived at 8:15am, and classes started at 8:30am. I was so nervous. We all were. While I was waiting for the bell to ring, I couldn’t imagine how many things would change over the next few years.
Since then, I’ve seen my friend change the way they talk, the clothes they wear and the music they listen to. I’ve also seen them do embarrassing things that I would prefer to forget.
Not so long ago, over the summer, I was with one of my closest friend when she started talking about a party. I don’t really like to go out at night, so when my friends do, they’re always excited to tell me about it. But that conversation turned out differently when she mentioned alcohol. It was the first time she drank at a party, and the worst part was she looked… proud.
It took me a while to understand that all of the changes were happening because my friends wanted to fit in with the other students. But I was quite confused. What’s wrong about being yourself?
There’s another thing that happened to me when I as little. It was Christmas Time, and I was with one of my best friends at a dance festival. I remember we were the only kids in the class that believed in magic and suddenly, she said seriously, “Bea never say that you believe in the three wise men. Everyone is going to think you are crazy.”
This may seem like just an old and funny conversation now, but if you change a few words it becomes something that can happen every day in middle school.
“Bea, never go out with that t-shirt, they’re going to think you’re crazy.”
“Never do that.”
“Never say that.”
My friends have never said anything like that to me. But I’m sure that someone has thought it, when every other girl was wearing shorts and I was wearing my comfy jeans.
When I started to realize all of this, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let middle chili change me in any other way than learning new things.
And I think I’ve done quite well staying who I am, and I’m proud of that.
And guess what? Today, more than three years later, my friends are still my friends. And I’ve made new ones, too! Because real friend don’t leave you behind, no matter what kind of music, books or films you like.
If I had to choose only one thing that I have learned over these years in middle school, I would choose confidence. Be confident in who you are and don’t try to change your personality, because that’s exactly what makes you unique. 
I believe in uniqueness.

Cristina - People can change

People Can Change - Cristina
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When I was younger, a boy named Mark tried to make my and my classmates’ lives impossible. 
We were 10 years old, approximately, and we were on a school trip. I was sitting with my friends on the bus and he and his friend Tommy wouldn’t stop throwing papers, rubbers and lots of little things at us. He also threw my dreadlocks. I became so angry that I kicked him. He told the teacher and she called my parents and they brought me home.
Another day, we were in class, and he told the teacher that I was annoying him. I told her that it wasn’t true, but she didn’t believe me and she sent me to the headmaster. 
Another example is when we were in the park one day and he pushed me and my phone fell on the ground. It broke and my parents were angry with me because it cost too much to fix it.
Mark was a very bad boy that made many people’s lives impossible. And it got worse in high school.
Yesterday, five years later, I saw him on the street. At first, I saw the same bad boy who he always was; but then I realized that he was helping an old woman cross the street and carry her bags.
I was stunned.
I thought that he didn’t see me, but I was wrong. He came directly over to me.
I thought about turning around and walking away, but I wanted to know what he was going to tell me. When he arrived, he stopped and I noticed he was nervous. He took my hand and told me that he was sorry for all the injury he had caused me. After that, we met for coffee and now, we are friends.
And because of this, I believe that people can change.

Mario - My obstacle 

My Obstacle - Mario
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The most common obstacle which I confront in life is the period of time when I have a lot of exams at school.
Exam days are oppressive and stressful and sometimes depressing. So I have to study many hours everyday during those weeks.
The majority of time I start studying after I have lunch or 10pm, which is dinner time at my home.
All of these things require a great amount of psychological effort. However, when I pass all my exams, I feel satisfaction and I can relax.
I believe that if you make an effort, you can do anything you want.

Winter - My sister

My Sister - Winter
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When I was nine years old, I always asked my parents for a little brother because I felt pretty lonely in my house and all my friends had little brothers or sisters.
One day, my mother told me that soon I would have a little brother. I was very happy at that moment and I was looking forward to it. Then, there were long months of waiting, until one day, when my father came to pick me up from school. He told me that the baby had been born. We went quickly in a car to the hospital in Villa.
I was very excited to see him but then I realized he was a girl! I wanted a brother to play football with and teach him everything I knew at the moment but when my parents gave her to me to pick up in my arms, it gave me the same feeling. And from that moment on, I began my profession as an older brother. 
My sister is now eight years old. Eight long years of taking care of her and supporting her in everything I can and I will continue doing it for the rest of my life because without a doubt, she is the person I love most in this world.
I believe that there is a special person in your life.

iAN -  

Title - Ian
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Cristina - 

Unknown Track - Cristina
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IES Virgen de Covadonga  

Tetris - Marcos
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Nel - Be Yourself

Be Yourself - Nel
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“They used to laugh at me because I was different, but now I laugh at them because they are all the same.” Some years ago I spent a year in another high school, where the relationships between the students and teachers were not as good as they should have been. In my class there were some kind and nice people, but there also were some people that were completely the opposite.
In that class, I didn’t know almost anyone before that school year started, even though I had made some good friends. The situation was not easy to carry on, because some of the students in the class laughed at some of us because we were different and strange to them. Of course now I realize that the strange ones are them, because they do nothing with their lives and they don’t expect anything for the future.
Teachers, of course, knew every detail about this, but they didn’t want to get into trouble, so they didn’t do anything. The situation was so frustrating that the janitor was the only one that defended us from those students.
Now, after a few years, I have arrived to the conclusion that I don’t really mind what other people think about me. With this experience I’ve also learned that you have to be yourself and you have to do what you really love, and never stop being who you are just because other tell you to. I also can say that I believe in myself, I believe in those things that make me who I am, and I believe that we all are perfect from our own points of view. 

Camino - Friendship 

Friendship - Camino
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Life is the only thing that people have, because if we don’t have life we don’t have anything. I consider it the most prized thing we have. So, since we have the most valuable thing that can exist, why not make the most of it? Make the most of it in the sense of being happy with whom we love the most, being happy with whom we enjoy life. So who are these people? 
In September 2015, I started 2nd ESO when I was 13 years old. I met my current friends, and I learned how a few people can change your life in a wonderful way.
I was in class with my best friend and other friends. That year two new boys came to my high school, we started making friends with them at school. I wasn’t very popular and I had some friends, but mainly girls.
That year we didn’t become good friends, we were just classmates; their arrival at school didn’t maetter to me. Time passed and at this age friends come and go, and you have to know how to appreciate those who always stay. Little by little we were getting along and forming a more united group. Currently they are some of the most important people in my life. Before meeting them and having this wonderful group of friends I was rather pessimistic, I didn’t love myself very much, I was a pretty serious person. And thanks to them I managed to change, they got me to believe in myself and now everything is much better, I am a thousand times happier than before. 
I learned that a few people can change your life in wonderful ways and that we should appreciate the people who loves us. Who do I really consider my friends? I define my friends as people who are here when they have to be and don’t leave, they are people who give without expecting anything in return, people who help guide me, people who tell me what I don’t want to hear but what I need to know, people who show who they are, people who are magic, people who support me unconditionally, people who love me as I am, people who make me laugh...When all these feelings and emotions are mutual, it can be called friendship. 
I believe in my friends, because they are the people who believe in me and who have made me believe in myself. 

Ines - Luck

Luck - Ines
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I think that we can have good luck or bad luck. For me to have bad luck is to be sick or when someone you love dies; bad luck is not to see a black cat, or open an umbrella inside, or spill salt. 
Last year I was sick and the doctors thought I could have cancer. But they finally found out it wasn’t cancer. I think that’s good luck. 
When I was 13 my left wrist started to hurt. It hurt a lot and it was swollen. The doctor sent me to a specialist and that doctor sent me to get an MRI. In the MRI they saw that I had something weird inside my wrist and they sent me to the HUCA. 
They did a lot of tests there. The most important one was a biopsy, in which they punctured my six times, but they got something. Then they did an open biopsy. Finally, fifteen days later, the doctor called to tell us it wasn’t cancer. What I have is a malformation of veins and arteries. This was all one year ago. I was pretty quiet during that time because I didn’t think I had cancer, but my family had a terrible time, they were very frightened.
And this is why I believe in luck. 

Pablo - Happiness 

Happiness - Pablo
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“Life is difficult and at the end don’t stress.” This is an adaptation of one of my Spanish teacher’s most-used phrases. And I think it’s a real description of life and can be applied to almost everyone. But now let’s talk about my life. 
Through all my life, I’ve been trying to be the guy who gets good marks, the one who makes an effort; I’ve been trying to be useful. And maybe because of trying I’ve stopped being happy. People called me shy or quiet. And maybe it’s because of that, which added to mhow my parents taught me to be, and how pessimistic I am, that I changed the way I see myself. One year ago, I saw myself as a sad boy who tried to be happy, but now I’m trying to change. I started going out with my friends and enjoying it, letting people love me, and it’s all going really well. So that’s it, now I’m happy and my life is going well.
I believe life is difficult and can be tough sometimes, but you have to enjoy it and be happy, and friends are a really good way of reaching happiness, because happiness is all that matters. 

Sergio - Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges - Sergio
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On this whole giant ball where we live, that we call our home, there are millions of people, every single one of them different in their own way. Each person has different skills and can go through life in different ways. During the time each person spends on Earth, every person, every day, has to face lots of problems. Everyday problems and not so easy-going problems. The way those people fight against their problems is what defines their style of life. If I talk about myself, I can say that my life, as the way it is now, is almost perfect. I’m happy and I have friends that are way better than me, and have helped me through the problems I’ve been having in my life. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Saying that my life has been easy wouldn’t be fair because our lives, from our point of view, are never easy. But it’s also true that it hasn’t been an easy life either. In my life, I have had different problems which have helped me to get to the place where I am now. 
The first “big” problem I can remember happened when I was 10 years old. Until that are, I was always with my mom and my dad, but that changed. That year, my parents when into too much debt with their bar, so they had to close it. But that was only the first step on a long list of things that came after that. Because of the debt, we got locked out of our house. Imagine that situation, a 10 year-old boy suddenly seeing himself in the street, with no house. We ended up in my uncle’s house, and my parents were looking for work because our income source wasn’t exactly a good one, it almost didn’t exist. After a few weeks, my mom found a job in a restaurant as a cook. It wasn’t the best but at least it was something, and it was very close to where we were living. But my father wasn’t as lucky. It’s true that he found a job, but it wasn’t a job near our house. It was very far away, in another country. I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe anything that was happening. We weren’t living in the house I had been living in since I could remember and now I wouldn’t be able to see my father anymore. It was horrible. I remember the very last words my father said to me before going away, “You mustn’t be weak, you have to take care of your mother.” 
From these words, I rebuilt my personality, and decided not to show any feelings to anyone, because I thought it was a sign of weakness and that it would worry my mother, so I hid it. And it worked, and it still works today, even when I know that I can show my feelings without any problems. Nowadays, I have overcome that. And that’s why I believe. I believe in overcoming the different problems in life, so you can keep on going with your life and always be sure of the way you are going in life. 

Helena - My Mother

My Mother - Helena
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She taught me many things, but the first and most important was always ‘love yourself.’ Never falter in loving who you are, what you are. Never tell yourself that you are ugly, never tell yourself you are stupid. Feel beautiful and you will look it, feel smart and someday you will achieve it. 
No one is set in stone. We are all living, breathing people, capable of mutations and changes galore. She told me in not so many words every day and I took it to heart, and still do. I relish in myself, my shortcomings as well as my talents, because they have made me the person I am. 
She taught me compassion. Don’t hate someone just because they stutter when they speak. Don’t make fun of or ignore them just because they happen to be different, talk to them. Treat them like you would any other person and pass on the love a little bit. 
She taught to fight the man. Don’t let them push you down, stereotype you, sort you into neat little categories or them to catalogue and file away. Don’t let commercialism or money monopolize your life and push out love and happiness and all the things that really matter. Don’t get so lost in personal gain that you forget that there are others around you. 
She taught me how to be strong, how to be good when things go wrong.
She taught me that everyone’s life is their own. Do what you wish, but don’t condemn ohers who do things you will never do; it’s their life, their body, their choice. 
Most importantly she taught me to love everything and everyone, regardless of who or what they are. She taught me to accept, to reserve judgment until I’ve got evidence, to always give someone the benefit of the doubt. She taught me to forgive but not to forget. Save up your post mistakes, so that you can learn from them in a time, and perhaps love even more because of it. The world could always use a little more love. 
I believe in my mother, soundly and perfectly. Above all, I believe in the ideals of love she instilled in me. I believe in my mother, I know most children do, but saying it as a teen, I feel it carries much more impact. She is one of the most important people in my life, she is a much better person than me, and one day I would like to be like her, with all her strength, her happiness and her beauty. 
So yes, I believe in my mother perfectly, unquestioningly, because we seem to agree on nearly everything. She and I are like the same person, one future, one past, but both in the same present. 

Marcos - Tetris

Tetris is a Russian game first created in the Soviet Union back in the eighties. In 1983, the biggest version was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System all over the world. That was a big milestone for the Tetris community; eighties children played Tetris, and some of them played it a lot. The first tournament took place in the nineties, but the community has never been as big as it is today.
I discovered this game when I was merely 12 years old, and it was a great discovery. Seeing Tetris professionals organizing their stacks seemed awesome. I decided to try it myself, and this confirmed its awesomeness. This was surprisingly addicting, it was easy to get stuck in front of the screen for hours.
Four years later, it has not lost its awesomeness at all. It still is the great game that was created thirty-five years ago. So hey, that’s definitely a sign of an awesome game; a timeless game, present everywhere. I believe that timeless games exist regardless of when, where and how they were created. 

Elena - Equality

Equality - Elena
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We live in a segregated world. I am not talking about racism, but in a social way. You can tell that for example, having separated toys for boys and girls is not the a big issue for us, but have you ever stopped for a moment to think that maybe that simple thing is the start of all the sexism in the world? 
Who was the first to say that dolls and pink were for girls and videogames and blue for boys? This situation is not fair. On the other hand, you could think that nowadays this problem is “trying” to be resolved, but let me tell you that creating kids’ pink cars or motorbikes full of flowers to make them a girls’ toy is not a solution. 
Everything started when I was nine or ten years old, while I was in a supermarket walking through the dolls aisle. There was an old woman telling her granddaughter, “Choose a doll, I will give it to you as a present.” The girl answered, “I don’t like dolls, grandma. I prefer videogames.” And the woman didn’t buy the girl what she wanted. That is the main reason why I am so pleased to have parents that let me play with any kind of toy, letting me be what I wanted to be and raising me and my brothers as equals. 
I remembered recently I came across a father with his little daughter in a bookstore, where he was reading her a book about famous women in science and telling her that there are lots of women as smart and as brave as men. That simple situation really shocked me in a very lovely way. It’s the small things that I really appreciate because it means that the world, although slowly, is changing and people are proving it. That’s definitely why I believe every kid should be educated with a difference of sex. I believe in equality.

Angela - Friendship

Friendship - Angela
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I felt bad, sad, lonely, not always, as everyone had my moments of happiness and laughter, and I always found it hard hard to fit in, find people who think like me or who just treat me well. It was not easy, there were 10 years of uninterrupted searching. Although I would like to say that they were less, I’m glad it was not later, after all I cannot complain, because finally I have friends who love me. They help me and are there for everything, even though I have my sad moments, but that’s what life is about and thanks to them those moments are more bearable. There are wonderful people in the world who make you fly with your feet on the ground. They are camouflaged as normal people and are hard to find, but when you meet some do not let them escape, I know several and I’m grateful for it. 

Irene - Dance

Dance - Irene
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“Dance to express, not to impress” is one sentence that describes me very well. 
Dance describes me. I’m a shy person but when I dance on the stage I forget my problems and I feel so happy. The only thing that I really like when I dance is to express all my emotions through steps. 
I think the real prize you win when you make an effort is how you feel after you do magic. This is what I call dancing, with a partner or alone. Through dance I’ve learned to be hard-working, loyal and friendly to other people. With my dance teacher’s help I’ve learned to lost, because now I don’t dance only for the judge, but for the public. In competitions I’ve met many people who are not important to me. 
Now I’m 15 years old and dance has opened a world of emotions to me since I started when I was six years old. 
Finally I think I believe in dance because it’s the only thing that makes me glad. 

Ethan - Friendship

Friendship - Ethan
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Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. 
I believe in life-long friendship, because life has taught me that time passes but only atrue friend with true friendship stays with you forever.
When I was young, like 3 or 4 years old, I started kindergarten en El Coto Primary School. I spent 9 years of my life there and met a lot of people, most whom were very good people. But others were a bad influence on me. Some people smoked or used bad language and they used to abuse intelligent people because they were more intelligent than the remainder of the class. 
I started secondary school at IES Virgen de Covadonga and I made a lot of new friends, but they are not the type of people who I was needing in my life.
Finally, when I was 13 years old, I started to hang out with the people I think are better than other people because of their personalities. I think that my current friends are the people I was looking for all my life. They are the best people I have known in my life. They are loyal, nice, and trustworthy. 
Now I am 15 years old and I think that true friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but not in heart. I have learned as time goes by that good friends are like stars; you don’t always see them but you know they are there. 

Maya - Destiny 

Destiny - Maya
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I believe in destiny, in which everything happens for something. For example, you are in a place at a time and something happens that has to happen and that changes your life, you meet a person and this person can change your way of being, of thinking. Over time that person can stay or not, but I think that he or she appears for a reason. 
The experiences and problems that we have throughout our existence happen to make us change our way of seeing things. I think we can have accidents that in the end will serve us to value what we have.
A few years ago, my mother went to see a girl to hear her written letters. This girl knew the problems that my mother had and she told her that in the future she was going to get pregnant and have some problems with her job and with the baby. After a year it became a reality and that’s why i think that destiny exists. 

Luna - There Shouldn’t be racism

There Shouldn't Be Racism - Luna
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Do you think black conguitos and white conguitos are the same? All my life I would hear people talk about different races. They would say things like, “I can’t stand those blacks,” whites, or another kind of race. I just don’t get why everyone can’t get along. Instead they kill each other because they have different colored skin. I don’t think it’s right to hate someone just because they’re not like you.
I don’t think it’s right to judge someone because they can’t act like you. I believe that everyone has their their own personalities and they should be able to express themselves. I believe no one should be judged by a person unless the other person is god. People are getting killed over useless reasons. No one should hate anyone just because their skin is a different color. 
You should be at peace with every race. There is no need to assault or kill someone because they can’t act like you act, or wear what you wear, walk how you walk, or talk how you talk. You can just be at peace with one another, no fighting, no stealing, no robbing, and no killing, just peace. We should all come together and stop the violence that’s happening between 2 different races. Life is too short fight over things that don’t matter. We should all come together and hold hands and pray at peace. 
Let everybody be safe in the environment that they live in. 
I was born in Morocco, but came to Spain when I was a baby, when I was just four months old. So practically, I grew up in Spain. Now, I’m living in Spain and I’m so happy to live here.
I believe that racism shouldn’t exist.    

Nere - Cooking 

Cooking - Nere
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“Ñam ñam” is an expression that means food in the language of children. 
When I was little, I used to spend a lot of time in my grandmother’s house, since my parents started to work. In the afternoon my grandfather when to the mountains to take care of the animals and to work in the garden, so I stayed with my grandmother. I always said “ñam ñam” for her to put me on top of the kitchen counter because I loved her and I loved to watch her cook. I didn’t care if it was noon or at night, I always asked her to let me watch the beautiful movement that she usually did when she started to cook. I loved the smell of her cooking. The smell of chickpeas, a heavy and loaded smell although sweet, the spinach with the smell and warm, thick smell. I love to cook, since the smell reminds me of when I was little and adored my grandmother and her way of cooking--it’s the smell of happy memories. 

Paula - Something Good Every Day

Something Good Every Day - Paula
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Some years ago, I used to be really pessimistic and always saw the bad side of things. 
Even if it was supposed to be the happiest moment of my life, I always found bad things about it, so you could say that I always woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But one day, I met a boy who helped me a lot because I really believed that everyone and everything was against me.
He was older than me, not by a lot, but enough to make me realise some things. One of them and the most important was that not everything was bad and nothing could be bad enough to ruin my whole life. He told me that I was brave enough to get through everything but I didn’t believe him.
From that day on I started thinking in a positive way, it obviously took me a lot of time and effort but I think I’ve finally done it in a successful way. 
If something bad happens, I try hard to forget it for the rest of the day so it doesn’t ruin my day. My friends helped me a lot, it wasn’t only that guy I talked about before.
Also some activities I started doing were great and helpful, like listening to music, playing music, drawing and reading. They made me create my own world and stay from anything bad that was happening. 
Now, I can say I’m very grateful to everyone and everything and that I BELIEVE THAT NOT EVERYDAY IS GOOD, BUT THERE’S SOMETHING GOOD EVERYDAY. 

Unai - Second Chances 

Second Chances - Unai
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When I was 4 years old, I started at primary school, and there, I met a lot of friends. But I also met people that weren’t as nice as other students, especially José Daniel. 
José Daniel was 2 years older than us, and he was strong, so he thought that he was our boss or something like that. 
As years passed, nothing changed, but one day, he tried to steal my rubber and I hit his face. Since that day, he stopped making me angry and he started calling me “friend.” Nowadays I have a lot of friends including José Daniel, and I always remember something that my father told me: “If someone is going to hit you, hit them first.” Because of all these things, I believe in second chances. 

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AinHoa - Don't Judge a book By its cover 

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Do not judge a book by its cover.” It seems the moralistic lesson of your grandmother or even your mother, or one of those lessons that they give you when they want you to do something in their way, when they apply their collective wisdom with popular imagination, well it’s the popular saying that has educated us all in life.

Sure I’ve heard them like you; because in my house we even applied “water goes through my house, taste of my heart,” and beyond a riddle, I swear, in my family it’s used to convey great morals of life, it could be nothing. I mean, I was very shy, withdrawn and it could be, maybe it was only with me that they shared it saying things like that, because they thought I was “special,” but in case you’re wondering or in case you are tempted to think something is wrong, no, I am not “special” and I am not crazy. I’m just weird. 

But I must return to the main point. Do not judge a book by its cover, I repeat, like those things your grandmother tells you. Moreover, of those silly hollow phrases that one finds on the internet, and how they have become used by so many that say something without understanding. 

Phrases that say something logical that should click your brain, with images of beautiful backgrounds but nobody cares about and not because they say silly or meaningless things, because in practice we do the opposite, although the reason is that something in our mind tells us that it is wrong, that things should not be like that. You should not perpetuate bad behaviors. It is like we seek to follow the bad behavior patterns and make them desirable, but in a practical way we do all of those things that we know we shouldn’t do, so the knowledge of matters, becomes simply “beautiful” phrases that are in “beautiful” backgrounds and only that. 

This is unclear, but in these crazy times life is like that, and if popular wisdom says it too, as an antidote “as they see you, they treat you” or “the first impression is the one that counts.” It is also curious, if in life, our grandparents or whoever cared to educate us with popular wisdom. We are messed up, because for a phrase that says not to prejudge things or people, there are another 10 that go against the idea. 

By the way, no matter how many phrases exist about it, everyone will do what they consider most correct no matter how many “nice” internet images say the opposite, or how many times your mom repeats those sentences that have lost their meaning. On the other hand, it’s difficult to swim against the current and more when these days everyone treats you according to the impression you make, and everyone wants to have the correct image, and it’s difficult not to be judged by your cover. 

Unfortunately, those people who are most concerned about having the right paste, the ideal presentation, are those who neglect the content. Do not judge a book by its cover. Speaking in a metaphorical way, I think we should all worry about backgrounds as well as the foreground, to have the image that we like about ourselves, that projects our style, but with the necessary personality to support what we project, it is not about being a beautiful book, it is about being in congruence inside and out. 

I believe in not judging a book by its cover because when you judge someone only by their appearance you’re missing out on knowing the best or worst parts of someone. Do not judge a book just by its cover, especially when the prologue is more interesting to read and if it convinces you, keep going through the book.

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