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IES Jerónimo González  

Marcos - Family and Health

Family and Health - Marcos
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I think family and health are the most important things in the universe. People have these two things are very lucky.
First of all, when you are born in a well-structured family, in which your parents love and support you (it doesn't matter if they are together or not), give you a good education and they worry about your food, clothes, studies and stand by you forever, you can say you have the most wealth in the world. Unfortunately, not all children are provided with the same attention. 
Secondly, health is the most appreciated treasure because it is impossible to enjoy your life if you suffer from a serious illness. But this is something we don't value when we are in good condition. The problem of having an serious illness is that it not only affects you, it also concerns your family and friends. 
In conclusion, I believe we should be very happy if we have a good family and health, and try to abound worrying about material things, which aren't essential.

Isabel - Face Reality

Face Reality - Isabel
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It was the beginning of 2018, and I can say for sure that it was one of the times in my life when I’ve had the most problems.
Starting with breakups, family problems, disappointments with an inordinate amount of friends and ending with self-esteem problems, the longing for certain loved ones who have died and the burden of schoolwork. 
I remember I was talking to one of my trusted friends about all the troubles I that were drowning me. Her only answer was to tell me not to think about, to ignore it. And certainly, my “solution” for some time was exactly that, to act as if nothing was wrong, but as much as I acted, the burden and sadness were still present inside of me. And as expected, not everything is fixed by letting time pass. So, when I eventually got tired of being worn down by my problems, I had to make myself strong, look for true solutions and face reality because it was my only hope of survival. All or nothing.
And I achieved it. But how? Well, I did different things, like tell people my problems, get useful tips, change my way of seeing some things, asking  people for help with issues that I couldn't fix, switch my life habits (like sleep more), leave behind some toxic people in my environment and give importance to only what is really important. 
After all that, now I feel comfortable with how I live and I’m grateful for what I have, including a lot of happiness that I want to share with the people who really deserve it. 
So now when I read this sentence from Shelly Long, “If you don’t quit, and don’t cheat, and don’t run when trouble arrives, you can only win,” I really feel connected to it because I tried to run away from any problems but that way I couldn't fixing them until I faced them. Because of this, I believe that we have to face reality to win.

Paula C. - KarmA

Karma - Paula C.
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Do you believe in Karma?
Karma is a word we use to say that if you do something bad, it will happen to you, too.
One day, I was in the park in Sama with my mom and suddenly, a child fell off his bicycle and got injured. My mom always told me that I should not laugh at people, but I was small and I laughed at the child.
Moments later, I ripped my pants when I climbed a ladder. I felt very ridiculous. When that happened, my mom told me what Karma is. And now, when my family or friends do something bad, I warn them that Karma is going to act. When somebody told me that karma doesn’t exist, I told them the same story that I wrote in this paper.
And it is because of all of this that I believe in Karma.

Marina - What is important?

What is Important? - Marina
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The 13th of January is a date that I will never forget. One day, a few hours and lots of emotions.
I woke up early in the morning. First, I got out of bed and I put up the blinds. It was a sunny day, the birds were singing and I felt at peace with myself. It was my 12th birthday and I felt happy.
I remembered last year on my brother’s 14th birthday, my mum made a delicious chocolate cake. I thought that maybe she would make one for me and the thought made my stomach growl. So I decided to go to the kitchen to have breakfast.
While I was walking down the hall, I didn’t hear anything. This was strange because in my house there are always noises. So I went to my mum’s room, but her bed was made and the blinds were up. I turned around and went to my brother’s room and found the same.
I didn’t give it much thought because this was sometimes usual in my house. What I missed most was the they left so early and even moron it was my birthday! But I didn’t care.
After having breakfast, I watched TV for an hour, but when the clock struck one I started feeling concerned. I decided to call them just as a precaution to know if everything was going well. My heart was racing, the worst scenes going through my mind like a torrential rain. One beep. Two beeps. And suddenly, a voice, but not the voice I wanted. The voice said, “Sorry, the phone you dialed isn’t available , call at another time.”
I was afraid, I didn’t know what to do. Tick tock, tick tock, the clock hands marked two, two thirty, and then three.
I was angry, it was my 12th birthday! And it looked like no one remembered what day it was. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I ran to the door. I looked through the peephole and I saw my mom and my brother! I opened the door, my heart relaxed and I felt relief in my chest. 
“Mommy, where were you?” I asked.
“Sorry darling, we were at the cake shop and the time flew away from us, but we brought you a present!” My mum said.
And she took out a big chocolate cake. I was so surprised!
And over the years I realized the fact that it was my birthday went into the background when I knew that they were fine. Because sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s the most important day of your life if the people you love and want to celebrate with you aren’t there. So this is the reason why I believe in knowing what is important.nn

Sergio - Parental Love

Parental Love - Sergio
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When you are in trouble, sometimes you should ask somebody for help, but usually you can’t get an answer . There are only two people that can always help you and that is your parents because they love you so much.
For example, I had a problem some time ago, I am not going to say what the problem is because it is too personal, but I was hiding it for about a weekend. Those days I was so upset and worried and my mother asked me, “What happened to you?”
I said, “Nothing, mum.”
But I couldn’t hide it anymore and I started to cry. After that I told her. 
First, she got angry, but after understanding, she talked to me and she gave men tips to avoid toxic people in my environment. Then my father repeated the same. 
And a few days after, the problem was solved. Really sometimes you need help from your parents. I really love them. And you must remember that all things expire, so believe in them.

Luis - Family

Family - Luís
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Money? A big house? Luxurious cars? Are these things more important than family? I think that there aren’t things which are more important than family. 
I couldn’t live without my family. They are always supporting me. For example, a few years ago a bony was always bullying me. I was very stressed so I decided to tell my parents. They talked to his parents and he stopped.
There is also a similar experience that isn’t too old. It was last summer and a group of boys called me bad things like useless. I remembered that my mum used to say to me, “Don’t listen to them! They are stupid!” 
So I started to not listen to them, and they realized that the joke wasn’t funny.
My family helps me in complicated situations, too. Like when I am stressed before an exam or have lost a valuable thing. And if someone in my family needs something, I will be there supporting and helping. For example, this year my sister finished high school and it was the hardest year for her. She was so stressed and tired because of studying a lot, so I decided to help her in every way I could.
This is the reason why I believe family is the most important thing, because they are always together.

Iyán - You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover

Iyán - You Shouldn't Judge a Book by its Cover
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“You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.”
I think that’s very important because people often make up things in their minds. For example, there’s a metal band I like. It’s called Slayer, and people usually label it as satanic when in reality its frontman Tom Araya was raised and still is Catholic. The band talks about a lot of despicable characters from history, like in the song “Angel of Death.” And they talk about Satanism, but they don’t say they sympathize with those ideas, they only expose them to the world.
People also get some wrong ideas by judging me by how I look. Sometimes I get called “satanist” and someone who loves this character isn’t usually very nice, but just because I have long hair and I like rock music doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.
I’m not perfect, no one is, so sometimes even I make judgements without knowing someone or something. 
A couple months ago, I went on a trip to Belgium with my music school choir and I met a lot of people. One of them was this little troublesome boy that went everywhere screaming and dancing around. 
At first, I didn’t like him at all, but we talked for a while and he seemed like a nice guy. He was even older than me, and we shared a lot of interests. Now he is one of my best friends, and whenever he needs something I try to help him.
I believe you shouldn’t judge anyone without knowing them.

Raziel - Ambition

Ambition - Raziel
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I believe that everyone needs a dream to fight for, because if you don’t have a dream, you will be empty and you can’t be happy. And if you have an objective and you fight for it, you will overcome all of your problems. Ambition isn’t a bad feeling.

Xuacu- Choose your destiny

Choose Your Destiny - Xuacu
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I believe that life doesn’t have meaning. I believe that destiny doesn’t exist. There isn’t a simple way to go. You have to create your own way because nothing is written. And nobody can tell you what you have to choose.

Guillermo - Learning

Learning - Guillermo
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This story could be one of those ones that says “oh magical belief!” or “I believe this because my mum told me this and I believe other things because my classmates tell me that and my final conclusion is this.”

I believe in all of my learnings and how this has taught me to stand up after a problem knocks me out.

With the fifteen winters that I have lived through all my life and this can be the same and it isn’t perfect like every person in the world is like me, except in the school we look all the same going to classes or taking tests.

I think that life doesn’t need to be taken seriously, people tell me “you are a donkey” and I think why? I am weird because I make jokes and I do stupid things to never forget how to be a happy person. 

Because I’ve bottled up my feelings and I never answer insults or jokes about my physical appearance thanks to this in primary school in the final year when I had been worried until this year when I have learned to be proud of my past and I can say, “leave me alone.” I wish I didn’t have to grow up because you need to fail so many times until you are totally an adult. Another thing that I don’t believe is you never leave the childhood or learning. Because the human race is always learning. To finish this essay I will say, like my past maths teacher always said, “thank you for watching.” 

Saúl - Work to get Something

Work to Get Something - Saul
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In second of ESO, I failed maths in the first trimester. When I went to my house, my mother and father argued with me. He said to me that if I didn’t pass in June, I wasn’t going to have summer. So I studied a lot during the third trimester. 
When the marks came to my house, I had passed every class!
And this is my story of why I believe in “work to get something.”

Angela - Love

Love - Angela
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PAula V. - EXtremes

Extremes - Paula
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Have you ever thought about if extremes are good or bad? I’ve thought about it many times, as regarding it, I don’t think that any extremes are good, for a simple reason. I think this because people that believe in something in an extreme way do not usually respect people that think other things that aren’t like their beliefs.
An example of this happened in Madrid near the Manzanares River. A supporter of el Depor (a football team) died. This person was named Jimmy, and he died because there was a fight between the supporters El Depor and Atlético de Madrid. In the fight, people hit Jimmy a lot of times and then, they threw Jimmy into the Manzanares River in Madrid. He died because he had hypothermia.
This result was so hard and at last it seemed that everyone opened their eyes and saw that this type of fight didn’t solve anything. But this was for a short time and fights like these still happen now.
And this is my reason for thinking that extremes are bad, the worst in the world, because all people have the right to tell their opinion to the world without being judged.

Miguel - Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life - Miguel
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I don’t believe in life. I have a lot of ideas that are opposite to the fantastic idea that says that we need to fight for our lives. 
My grandfather was in the hospital in Oviedo and he knew he wanted to die. I went to visit him every week and I thought about the same things every week. 
Now or in 30 years, we can die at any moment and we disappear forever. People can remember us but with time, we disappear for everyone and we probably won’t leave footprints on the world. 
I don’t believe in ghosts or in a possible heaven with angels and stupid gods, which makes me think that after death there is nothing more than darkness and silence.
Yesterday, my friend Marta died in a traffic accident. She was only 17 years old, and she disappeared, too. 
I believe that we only stay here for a moment and we need to enjoy our lives.


IES Virgen de Covadonga   

Marcos - Aliens

Aliens - Marcos
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Have you ever seen an alien? No, right? Then you can say. Then you have evidence of the lack of existence of them. But does that evidence really exist?
When I was nine years old, I played my first video game with aliens in it, Mass Effect. I thought to myself, “Wow, they’re all really beautiful and awesome! Is there something like that out there?”
With this in my head, I went to ask my father and he told me, “I know you’re amazed by them, and that you would love to meet them. I would love it too and I think that it is possible. We know almost nothing about all the things in space because the universe is infinite. There are people who believe that the Earth is flat, so why can’t I believe that there’s another intelligent race out there?”
This made me curious to study everything about outer space and gave me a lot of idea to help people out there, ideas I hope I can make true one day. 
It didn’t only make me curious, it also inspired me. Inspired me to study, to try to get the best grades, to study and create new technology, and research space.
I wish that one day I can board a spaceship and someday, become one of the founders of a space colony in a faraway planet, waiting to meet an alien race. Statistically, in a universe with millions of galaxies, each one with millions of suns and each sin with its own planets, it’s impossible that were the only living beings out there.
That’s why I believe in the existence of aliens. I’m not ashamed of admitting that I believe in this because I know there are people out there who share my belief and are also waiting for this to happen.

Sandra - Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers - Sandra
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Breaking barriers is one of the most important parts of life, at least for me, and it’s something I have wanted to do for a very long time. 
I’ve had the dream of travelling the world and visiting different cities since I was six years old, when I started studying English. I started going to an English academy with a lot of my classmates. I learned a lot and as time went on, I became more and more interested in going around the world and experiencing different cultures. 
A few months ago, I went on a high school trip to York, England to study English abroad. I was very, very excited because I could finally do and experience what I’ve always wanted.
I stayed with an English family that helped me a lot while I was in the country. During the rest of the days, my classmates, our monitors, our teachers from my high school and I went to new cities. We visited cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and my favorite of them all, Whitby. 
We had to do everything on our own, like getting the bus every morning, communicating with people, and adapting to their culture. 
The trip was this past March and it was by far one of my best experiences. I tried to think of it like breaking a barrier and see it as a reference for my future. That is why I think breaking barriers and learning languages is such an important part of my life. 

Emilio - Love

I believe in love. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. 
Love is the best sensation in the world, why? I don’t know. There are different kinds of love, like the first love is loving your friends. When you fall in love with someone you are happy, hopeful and lovely. You can also fall in love with activities. I remember when I tried Kart for the first time. I fell in love with the sport. 
I’ve won a lot of races in Karting. And now I compete in all of Spain’s circuits and some others around the world. I started competing when I was seven years old.

Love - Emilio
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Matías - Traveling

Traveling - Matias
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A good way to be a better person is traveling. Traveling to another country helps you grow because you learn a lot of things in different situations. When you are in your country you have your friends, you do the same activities, you play your favourite sports with the same people all the time, and you always go out with your friends.
Travelling to another country can be scary, it was for me. But once you are there, you meet other people. It also makes you more confident. For example, when I had to use public transportation or when I asked for something in a shop. I was nervous at first, but I was able to do it. You also learn different customs and cultures. It will help you in the future because living in another country helps you learn a lot of different languages. 
The first time that I was abroad was in 2009. I went to Paris when I was six years old, so I don’t remember it clearly. I went there with my brother and my parents and we stayed there for five days. When I was there I learned a lot of things. Like, French people eat a different times of the day than in Spain and they are very respectful.
Last year, I went to Chester, England. I stayed there two weeks with a family. I made a lot of new friends and I met a lot of new people. I am still in contact with them and that family today.
All of this is why I believe in traveling. I have learned a lot of things about different cultures. Traveling makes you a better person.

Izan -Bullying is dangerous 

Bullying is Dangerous - Izan
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It was the 7th of October, 2017 when it all started.
I was running with my friends Celia, Imara and Yoana when I discovered they had a WhatsApp group that I wasn’t in.
I asked a classmate in my class if she could add me to the group, but she told me no because she didn’t like me being around.
After that, a girl in my class Paula added me to the group to insult me. And then everyone in the class, not only her, insulted me in the WhatsApp group. On Monday, everyone in my class laughed at me and hit me for a long time. It happened at school, but after school they continued insulting me with their mobile phones on WhatsApp and Instagram. One day, my mother saw boys hitting me and she intervened, but it was a bad idea. They hit my mother and their parents didn’t do anything. I felt sad, frightened, and one day I thought about suicide. It was the worst day of my life. I thinking being bullied is the worst thing you can feel.
Bullies must be punished for their crimes, because they’re bad people. Bullies are people who feel sad, so they put their pain on other people to feel important.
I believe there isn’t justice in this country, because no one helped me when I needed it. So if I’m going to help at an anti bullying association in the future, I’m going to protect a lot of victims.
A lot more people need to talk about this issue because if you don’t tell someone about it, you feel sad. Tell your parents immediately and if you are in a lot of trouble, call the police.
I was suffering every day before I changed high schools and reported the bullies to the police. In my new school, I am very comfortable and I have new friends. The teachers are good to me and the school is more beautiful than the other one.
In the future, I want to work with an anti-bullying Association because nobody helped me, but in the future, I’m going to protect all of the victims.

Nuria - Football

Football - Nuria
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I started playing football when I was 10 years old because of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. From then on, watching and playing football are what I like doing the most. The first team I started playing with and where I still play is Alcava in Pola de Laviana. My team has improved a lot in the sport.
When I was little, I only knew about men’s football. But, with time, I started learning about women’s football. I discovered incredible players that play equally or better than any man, like Alex Morgan, Lieke Martens, Toni Duggan and Carli Lloyd.
These women teach values and how to overcome challenges in each game. They are models of how to fight to get equality in this sport.
Women in football must have the same salaries, the same popularity and the same importance as men.
The person who has become my idol in women’s football is Vero Boquete. She is a Spanish player who plays professionally. She has played in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Russia, the United States and France. Now, she plays in a Chinese league team. She is a fantastic player who plays football very well. This woman was the person who taught me the value and meaning of football, especially women’s football.
Football is the most important thing to me because it helps me disconnect from my problems, and I enjoy when I hit the ball with my foot.
In conclusion, I believe that football is not only for men. Women can also play!

Lucía - I like who I am

I Like Who I Am - Lucia
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I like how I am. For many years I’ve been asking myself, “What am I not perfect?” And now I have the answer.
When I was nine years old, I was at school. Every morning from Monday to Friday, I attended classes at my small, but cute school. That year, I had a classmate who sat next to me and every day she asked me the same questions like, ”Why do you have eyebrows like that? Do you like them?” Another time I got a new haircut and she told me that she didn’t like it and said similar things that she had said before. In that moment I felt like I needed to change, to make people like me and to feel sure about myself. 
So when I went home, I asked my parents why other people were perfect but I wasn't. My parents told me that no one is perfect and I didn't need to change for anyone. But maybe because I was too young to understand it, I still thought that other people were perfect and I wasn´t. 
During that school year, I tried to learn what perfection is for people. But as a result, I didn't know it. For some people, as shy person isn't perfect, a daring person isn´t perfect, a person who gossips isn’t perfect, or a loving person isn't perfect. So why do people still think perfection is real?
The answer to that question is that no one is perfect. If you like your personality or your physical traits, no one can judge you because they are are not perfect and you have to love yourself the way you are.
So that's why I believe in imperfection, because I know I´m not perfect, but I like who I am. And I think everyone is different and that's what makes people special. 

Miranda - My mom

My Mom - Miranda
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Sometimes people are put in your life that will define your personality. If I have to believe in something or someone, I say that I believe moms have superpowers. And concretely, I believe in mine, who is able to paint a grey sky into a blue one.
My mom is everything. She is an economist,nurse, psychologist, detective, driver, teacher and much more. If I fall, she picks me up. If I am hurt, she cures me. She doesn't sleep if I don´t sleep. She doesn't eat if I want more and there's no more food.
Moms give you their things. They know what's wrong with you by just looking at you. They know if you lie by only looking at you. It is impossible to lie to them.
I believe in my mom because she always says a lot with a little, like with just a simple smile. She makes my day happier because of her comments like:
“The day I´m not here, what will happen to you?”
“How can you be so clumsy?”
“Don't cry over silly things.”
“Nothing bad will ever happen.”
And, “I believe in you.”
I am thankful for her because of her attitude, her bravery, she has taught me all the little things that make me a good person. Because of her, I believe in and am thankful for all women, all mothers who change their direction, change their lives to create new ones. I believe in my mom.

Alexandra - Dance

Dance - Alexandra
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I never thought that dance could express a lot of things, but now I do. I’ve learned so many things from dance and I can assure you that it is something I believe in a lot.
Before coming to live in Spain, I lived in the Dominican Republic and I hadn’t discovered my passion for dancing.
The 24th of February, 2013, I moved to Spain and had to leave my family and my friends in my country. It was like starting from zero.
I felt very bad and depressed until I saw a YouTube video of a girl dancing to Michael Jackson’s song called “Man in the Mirror.” And from there, I tried to dance. I realized that I liked it and that I could express myself and release my feelings.
I remember that I was in the kitchen in my house and when I danced to the rhythm of the song, I felt free, as if my dancing and the song were expressing everything. Because in that moment, I felt bad and alone. But it was perfect because I discovered a way to express my feelings and I discovered my passion. 
For that reason, I believe in dance. Because when you dance, you can express everything you feel in that moment. It’s magical and special when you’re dancing and you can share all your feelings with the people who are watching you be yourself. 

Alba - Feminism

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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One day, I was at home looking at Instagram and I found an interesting post on Explore with information about inequality between women and men. It said things like women earn less for the same work as men or have less work than men. 
In that moment, I became very interested in the topic because I thought, “Hey! I’m a girl. Why should less for the same work?”
A few hours later after searching for more information, I decided I am a feminist.
When I was little, I always saw boys playing with cars and superhero toys and girls playing with Barbies and taking care of baby dolls. For me, that was normal. Society told me, “You are a girl, you must play with this.”
But now, it is a stupid thing to me because I think, “OK, I’m a girl and I like to play with cars. What’s the problem?”
For example, I don’t like physical education classes because when we play with teams, the teacher always decides to make boys captains. But when the lesson is dancing, he decides to make the captains girls. Because girls are supposed to like dancing and boys aren’t. 
So for these reasons, I’ve decided that I am a feminist. Maybe two years ago I thought these things were normal, but now, no. I believe in the equality of women and men. I believe in feminism.

Ainara - Luck

Luck - Ainara
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I learned that if you can dream it, you can do it.
I believe in luck because I'm a positive person and I have had luck in my life.
I started believing in luck this year because I started dancing at a dance academy. Before this, I didn't practice dance. I liked it, but I didn´t practice. I was worried that someone would criticize me or laugh at me for how I dance.
But my dance group had made me change my opinion. They told me that if dance is what I like, I should not care what people think of me. 
So now, I only think about dance when I dance. I only think about dancing better day after day and I forget the opinions of other people.
Now, my group and I have won two second place awards this year. I am so happy about this.
I love dance, so I think that I had good luck because of this. And remember, if you have dreams, fight for them.

Nacho - UFOs

UFOs - Nacho
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Something strange happened to me when I was 12 years old. In 2015, I was in my primary school “El Bosquín.” It was early in the afternoon. I was with my friends at our graduation party when I saw a big UFO up in the sky.
Some of my friends said it was an airplane but because of its shape, I’m sure it wasn’t. It moved slowly around the school. My family said that it could be a drone.
I was frightened because, for me, it was a real UFO, but different from sci-fi movies. It wasn’t flat or full of lights. It was a flying ball.
Before that day, I had always thought that aliens, UFOs and extraterrestrial things were nonsense. But now, I believe there is someone or something out there and maybe something among us is watching and helping to save our planet and develop new strategies for a better future. This is important to me because it changed my life.

Hugo - Football

Football - Hugo
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I believe in football. I would like to be a professional footballer because it is what I’ve liked since I was little and it’s the sport I’ve practiced since I was three years old.
The first day that I went to the Asturian selection, I was very nervous. But the next day I went, I was calmer and I enjoyed the opportunity. They selected me out of many children my age who played football to be on the team. It was an unforgettable experience for me.
Other days we played against other teams like, Sporting, Oviedo and TSK Roces. My first year I played for Alcazar. The next year, I went to TSK Roces in Gijón.
I believe that with effort and patience, I can play in a professional football team. It’s my dream.

Sergio - Life after Death

Life After Death - Sergio
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I believe in life after death. I believe in it for a few reasons. I have talked about and discussed this topic many times with family and friends, some of them also believe it’s true and others who do not. 
The biggest reason why I believe in life after death is that I believe you cannot end everything in death. I think there must be something more. It could be anything. Every person is free to think and believe what they want, but I believe that.
I also understand that people who do not believe in it or say that it is crazy because there is no scientific proof that it is true. Sometimes people close themselves off to possibilities of something new only because they don’t believe it, but I’m not like that. 
Some people may think I’m crazy, but sometimes I like to be crazy because you can see beyond the reality of other people who claim to be more sane or less crazy than you. 
And even if there is a life or something similar after death, I still think we must make the most of what we know we have, and we know that life is very short. We have to live by doing what we like and what we want with who we like. Even though I think there is going to be something after doesn’t mean I can waste this life, which is the most precious gift we are given. 
I also think that there may be a life after death for animals. Because, at the end of the day, we are all animals, although humans are more developed and intelligent. 
All I wanted to say in this essay is that everyone is free to think what they want, as long as it does not harm other people. So we should all be happy with our thoughts.

Lucía A. - Working Hard

Working Hard - Lucía
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Working hard is the key when you want to reach an important goal in your life. This will be a long and hard way to get what you really want, but it will be worth it.
Severy years ago, I learned the importance of working hard. I went to a swimming competition which was very important for me. My parents, my brother and my teammates were there.
The coach told me, “Let´s go Lucia, you can do it!” 
I said, “No, I can't do this.”
There were a lot of people competing. It was very hard for me, but when I saw that another girl was swimming really fast, I knew I had to make a big effort. I started to swim as fast as I could. When I got to the finish line, I realized that I had come in first.
That's why, from that moment, I started believing in working hard. I believe in working hard because it's very important when playing sports.

Eloy - One day at a time

One Day at a Time - Eloy
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I have a little tip to make your life easier! 
I am going to talk about my personal belief in the phrase “one day at a time.” I believe in several things but one of the most important is “one day at a time” because it helps us solve our problems.
Believing in one day a time has helped me many times in my life with many things.
For example, when I have many things to do in a week, I organize the time and distribute the tasks, one task per day and so on.
I started to believe in it two years ago during final exams in June. It was a very stressful month!
With this strategy, your challengers are much easier to overcome. Because of this,k I think that one day at a times is very important for many things, like studying, so that time passes faster.
I often recommend that my friends focus on one day at a time because it has helped me a lot in my life.

Alba - Police aren’t your friends

Police Aren't Your Friends - Alba
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Do you think police are really your friends? Do you think they are good people? For me they aren’t. Something happened to me and three of my friends some time ago here in El Entrego.
We were on our way to my friend’s cafe and then I asked, “What is that thing?”
I stopped walking to look inside the thing and it was a special animal, it was an owl.
So my friends and I stopped all the cars in the street. I saw a police car and ran to stop it to ask for help. But the police officers didn’t want to help me. They said, “You have to call animal control and you have to take the owl home.”
And so I said, “Hey, you are the police!n Your obligation is to help people!”
I got really angry with them.
And since that day I believe that police aren’t your friends and they only help you when they want.

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