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IES Jerónimo González  

Carlos - beauty is inside us 

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I believe that physical appearance is not important. One day, a lot of time ago, I was in Gijon, at the beach. I was playing football with some other children. Suddenly, a child appeared. He wanted to play, and the other children said, “no, you can’t because you are very fat.” The child went to his house, crying. Two days later, the child was playing with his ball. We asked if we could play with him, and he said, “No, you can’t, I am very fat.” We were worried, and we told him we were sorry. He said yes, you can play. We are all equals and our bodies are not the most important thing, so I think our physical appearance isn’t important, because beauty is inside us. 

Carla - Taking Care of things  

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I believe in taking care of the things that depend on me. I learned it when my cat almost fell from the window to the street. I was at my house, in the kitchen. The window was open because it was a very hot day. I went out for a few minutes, and when I came back, my cat was at the edge of the window. I felt very scared and worried. I didn’t want my cat to die. So I ran to her and got her before she fell down. Now I know that I have to take care and be careful of the things and the people that depend on me. I remember it is even just like a little scary and one thing I would like to forget.

Daniel - Friendship  

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I believe in the friendship, because if you have friends, when you need anything, you can call them and they can help you. Life is very beautiful if you have friends. You can play with them, and love or pass any moment. In my case, when a moment marks my life, it’s always with friends. I see a lot of lonely children, and I don’t like it. If I were the president of Spain, I would implicate all people to talk with lonely people. When I stay with my friends, although we stay in a bank with shoots, I enjoy it a lot. One thing I will do when I grow up is a tattoo with the name of the group. Our name is ACVDC, with the first letters of our names. 

Lucia - Bravery

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I believe bravery is very important, because you need to take risks, and taking risks is fundamental in life. If you don’t take risks, life is very boring. I proved it when my uncle and my cousin brought our dog to the field of our great aunt in Laviana. I was 7 years old, and I was very afraid of dogs then, because two years before then, a dog started running behind me and knocked me to the floor. That day, when my uncle and my cousin brought my dog to Laviana, first I was scared, and I was inside my home. I didn’t want to go out to the grass, because the dog, Luna, was out playing with my sister and my cousin. I didn’t want to go out, but my father convinced me that the dogs don’t do anything and that the dog who knocked me to the floor only wanted to play, so I went out, and I was walking near Luna. I went right next to her and I discovered that she was very cuddly. I started to play with her, and without knowing, an hour passed. My parents asked me if the dog did something to me, and I said no. Then, I was very happy. Now, I love my dog. She is very cuddly and nice. What I learned from that experience is that if you don’t take risks in your own measure, you have to do it, because on the other side of fear there is an amazing thing. So be brave. 

Carla - Confidence  

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I believe in confidence. If you have this value, you will develop other values. You are confident when you do something that is important for your life. When I got lost in a supermarket with my sister, I wasn’t confident. This day, I felt frightened. I wasn’t sure of myself. Now, I think I should have been sure. If I had been confident, I would have found my parents in less time. When I found my parents, they were frightened too. Today, when I think back on this day, it makes me feel happy.


IES Virgen de Covadonga  

Alexandra - accidents are scary

Accidents are Scary - Alexandra
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When I was a child, my dad and his friends went on a work trip on holiday. I was six years old when I went with them in the car. His two friends and their children were there. 
At 10:15pm, we passed the first road, but when we stayed in the second lane, a van went very fast. My dad’s friend couldn’t stop because the car didn’t move. I felt scared for the van. Finally the car moved, but it was too late. The van was too close and it crashed into us!
The car was broken and we were surprised. I cried and so did my friend. So my dad called an ambulance. At 12:15am, the ambulance came. I didn’t have any broken bones but dad’s friend was injured . My friend was fine and she hugged her mom. 
Finally , we arrived at the hotel and we were tired. I slept a long time and the next day I felt better. Now I think it was a joke, but sometimes I feel scared.
I learned many things, but one is responsibility because I learned to go slowly when driving a car. I believe accidents are scary and dangerous.

Aitor - Santa Claus

Santa Claus - Aitor
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My story happened when I was nine years old on the 24th of December in a house in the middle of the countryside with all of my family.
My cousin Jorge, who was nine years old too, and I knew that Santa Claus was going to arrive that night and we were excited. 
At midnight we heard bells outside so we ran outside the house. We saw Santa Claus running away and then he fell in the garden! But he ran away before we could catch him.
Five minutes later, my cousin found Santa Claus’ hat! We were very excited and happy. This Christmas was the best.
A few years later, my parents told me that my uncle was Santa Claus every year and I learned that my Uncle Joaquin was Santa Claus all these years! 
However, I didn’t cry and I wasn’t sad. Because now, I help my parents and my uncle with Christmas for my little cousins every year. And now, one positive point is that I know what all the presents are before my uncle arrives.
And so now, I still believe in Santa Claus because I believe in my uncle!

Nuva - Family

Family - Nuva
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One day when I was eight years old, I was in the park playing with my cousins. 
We played some games, we climbed trees and played hide and seek. But then my cousin got lost in the park. We tried to find her. I was very scared. But she wasn’t lost, she was playing with new friends! When we found her, I played with new friends and my cousins.
I learned to have fun with family, I believe you can’t give up on family.

Victor - The evil among us

Dogs - Victor
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One day when I was ten years old in June, I was in the kitchen at my aunt’s house. I was happy, calm and drinking some water.
Suddenly, her dog appeared... and attacked me! It but my ear. I started bleeding. It was terrible.
I know that dog is crazy and dangerous. It’s name is Golfo and she had black and brown spots.
I was very scared and my cousins came quickly to help me.
From that moment, I decided that some dogs are very dangerous because they can hurt you at any moment. I believe that some dogs are pure evil.

Casper - God

God - Casper
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My most important event is my first communion. This event happened was I was nine years old in 2013.
All of my family and friends came to my communion.
Now, I close my eyes and I imagine that day. The day was sunny. I was very happy, but it was my first important event so I was very nervous, too. But when the day was finished I thought, “the day was very fun and easy.”
When I want school the next day my classmates asked me, “What’s up? How was your communion?”
And I said, “It was very cool!”
I believe in God.

Bartosz - God

God - Bartosz
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My most important event is my first communion. This event happened when I was nine years old in 2013. I celebrated my first communion with my family and my best friend Casper.
My first communion was a very good moment. I had a very fun time.
For my communion, my family gave me many presents. Communion is an important memory for me.
I believe in God.

Pedro - Learning

Learning - Pedro
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My name is Pedro and I am 14 years old. I have had bad, good and fun moments and I’ve learned about sincerity, loyalty and knowledge. I’ve learned that things can get worse or better, or sometimes stay the same, but things can always change. But if I had the opportunity to change any part of my life, I wouldn’t. Because my experiences are part of my beliefs.
Even when I was a child, I wouldn’t change anything. All of the things that have happened in my life have made me more myself. I had personal problems that I solved and when I changed schools I had to carry on. My life was good, I never get in arguments with my family, even when we had different opinions. We discuss it calmly and with facts. However, I fought a lot with schoolmates.
I learned that I shouldn’t be as aggressive, even if someone insults me or my friends, I shouldn’t beat them, even if they’ll regret it.
I learned about confidence, about being honest with everyone, myself included. I believe in myself and my abilities. I’ve learned all of this in only 14 years of being human.

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