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IES Jerónimo González  

Cristina - education

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I believe in education. Education is a right, not a behavior. I think that everybody should be able to have an education so they can have opportunities in life. No matter who you are, what your skin tone is or who your parents and family are, you should have the right to education.
I think that children should go to school from when they are the correct age (three years old more or less) until they are 16 years old, at least, and then they can have the opportunity to choose if they will continue studying or if they want to stop and work instead.
It is also very important to give a second chance to people who didn’t study or couldn’t study if they want to do it now, so they have the opportunity to have more knowledge and the possibility of having a job. Both are important but maybe the first reason is even more important.
I wrote about this because I really believe in it. Sometimes my friends and I don’t realize how lucky we are because we are just used to it. But if I think about it for a few seconds, I can understand the large amount of luck that I have with my education.

Jimena - Express Yourself

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I believe that everyone should have the right to express what they want. Because inn a good society, we should all have the freedom to express ourselves. A person who comes from another country, no matter where, must have the same rights to say what they think and what they want and what they do not think or want. As an example, when two friends do not have the freedom to tell each other what they think, that, even as a small case, is unfair. And there are also cases in which a person wants to say what they think, but there are other people who do not allow it, and that should not happen.

ELOY - Reward for hard work

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“I think you never have to give up because if you want to get something, you have to go for it.”
I believe inn the reward of a job well done. I you work hard, if you study everyday, if you are consistent, at the end of all the days that you did not have free time because you are too busy trying to improve yourself in your studies or in sports, you get a prize.
As a student, I know that if I try hard during the school year, if I work everyday, if I study and I do my homework, at the end, all that effort is summed up in good grades and a summer where I am free to enjoy time with my friends and family on the beach , in the pool and at summer parties.
That’s why I believe in rewards for hard work.

Lerye - Do what you want

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I believe that everybody can do whatever they want. With ambition and really wanting something, anything can happen. Last year, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to start high school, that I wasn’t strong enough to start as big of a change as leaving primary school, my teachers, my class, my routines, everything. The summer went by very fast and I started school again. Here, in high school, I met Elaiza, Ana, Melani, and I started getting on well with Lucía and Carla, who weren’t my friends until we started school.
Now that I am finishing the school year, I realize that I could do whatever I want and that I can be whoever I want, as long as I have respect for everyone, confidence in myself and loyalty to my thoughts. I remember leaving primary school for the last time. I was sad. I thought that I couldn’t do anything. Now, I know that anything can happen and that if I try to do something, I can do it.

Angel - family 

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I believe family is the most important thing in the world. When my little sister was born I realized the most important things in the world are your loved ones.
As for my sister’s birth, it happened in the Villa hospital in Langreo seven years ago. At the time, I was very scared of nurses and the hospital was crammed full of them. All of my family was there with me; my father, my grandmother and of course, my mother.
Some values that were important to me before my sister’s birth like success and leadership became secondary then. Other values became important to me in that moment like love, reliability and responsibility.
Now, a long time after my sister was born, I have realized that it was one of the best moments of my life, because something like that only happens once in your life.
My sister is my favorite person in the world at the moment.

Sergio - Empathy

I believe in empathy. The definition of empathy is something like putting one the shoes of another person and feeling their emotions, understanding their situation and knowing how to speak without offending them.
If you get to know someone, your way of thinking about them can change. And now you can decide if their decisions were correct or not., know their way of thinking, their ideas and be able to understand them.
I think that some people still don’t want to use empathy with other people and this is a reason why many wars and conflicts occur.
I’ve used empathy in some moments of my life. A lot of these moments were in school when I was with my friends, Like when someone falls or does something that we can laugh at. Everyone laughed except me, I didn’t that time. Sometimes I have laughed but it has been unintentional because when we are laughing at the person we’re humiliating and they might feel offended. And if you don’t want them to beat you, laugh at you or something similar, don’t to it to others.
These are the most common experiences that I have. These are the reasons why I believe in empathy.

Pablo - health

I believe in health. I think that all people, if we have any disease, however small it may be, like a small cold or a disease that could lead to death, like lung cancer, should receive treatment or medicine such as pills, syrup, or antibodies that can cure them.    

An anecdote that I have about this happened when I was 7 or 8 years old and I fell in the park. I injured my knee and when I got home, my mother put an ointment on it that itched a lot. I had to resist scratching.

Then when I stopped checking the wound, I realized that thanks to the ointment, it stopped any infections. I also realized that other children who do not have money to buy ointments can get infections and even die from them.

That day I understood why doctors sometimes hurt you with vaccines and shots so that in the future you will not have diseases.           

Carla - Karma

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I believe in Karma, because it has happened to me many times. Karma is when you do something bad or good to a person or animal, and depending on whether what you have done is good or bad, something like that will happen to you. The religions of Buddhism and Hinduism reward people who do good deeds. For example, if you hurt a friend, Karma will do something similar or worse to punish you for your bad deeds. But if you do something good to a person, like helping an elderly person carry something, Karma will reward you for your good deed. It does not have to be that kind of action, it can also be an action like blaming someone who does not do anything or helping someone by making them happy when they are sad.
Sometimes Karma is not fair. For example, if you do something wrong to a person who has done something bad to you, although it is fair that you do something bad to them as revenge, Karma will punish you equally. Even if it not fair. I am not Buddhist or Hindu, but I find other cultures fascinating and belief in Karma very interesting.
In my opinion, Karma is real because it has happened many times to me. For example, when I was little, I broke a vase and blamed my brother. In the end, my parents discovered that I was lying and that my brother had not broken it. As punishment from Karma, when I went down the street, I saw a bee and it stung my hand. And then, I feel down the stairs at my house.
Karma has also rewarded me for doing something good, like when I helped my grandmother carry some bags and then I found five euros one the floor!
It is because of all of this this that I believe in Karma.

lucía s. - Friendship 

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I believe in friendship and I think it is one of the most important values, too.
I think so because a big part of my life is having fun with my friends. And most of my time with them is good, like when I’m talking and laughing with them. There are also sad and bad moments, but when we are together and everything seems better and you feel great. Friends always help you when you have problems and they try to make you smile and be happy when you are sad or angry.
I can remember a lot of moments with my best friends, and most of them are good and when we are having fun, I can remember one time when I went with them to the cinema and then we went shopping. It was a great day.
I remember one time that I was outside with them. We were going to cross the street but the light was red and I stopped with one friend but suddenly another friend caught me and then I was in the middle of the street and there were cars, so I started running. It was a very bad moment but now I laugh about it.
I hope that I’ll never separate from my friends because the best moments of my life are with them.

Soraya - Respect

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I believe in respect. Since I was very little, my family always told me that I always have to respect people even when I disagree with them.
But what I thought at the time changed one day when I was angry with my mother (at the time I was almost always angry with her). I said something to her that now I don’t really like and it makes me feel very bad a sad.
After that moment I learned lots of things, like you can also hurt a person by saying words, not just by hitting or beating them. I also learned that before you are going to say something, especially when you are very angry, you have to think about it because you can hurt somebody. And I also learned that your family and some friends (that are good ones) are going to be with you although you do or say bad things.
Now all of these things are very important in my life.

Lucía G. - People who are there for you

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I believe in people who will be there forever, like you family and friends. So you should never give up. There are the people you can trust at all times, who help you move forward and who encourage you in everything you do. They, especially your family, will be there in good and bad times.
My dance teacher is also very important to me because she has been teaching me since I was three years old. She supports me a lot and she always helps me keep going and not give up, even if the world is against me. She always says this sentence, “the secret is inn the desire, and that’s what we’re doing.”
There are people who cannot be with their family members as long as they want because they live far away or for any other reason, so you should enjoy spending time with them since you will not have them for your whole life.
Sometimes you will think that your family, especially your parents, don’t understand you, but your friends are the ones who usually have the same way of thinking as you.
You will also believe, because I believe it too, that your parents punish you simply for the sake of annoying you and making your life impossible. But they only do it so that you will have a good education and a good job with a decent salary when you are older.

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Damian And David - Karma  

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Karma is that everything you do in your life will have a consequence. There is good karma and bad karma. Everything you do creates an energy that then comes back to you. If you do something good, what comes back to you is good. If you do something bad, what comes back to you is bad. My parents taught me that negative feelings, such as resentment, envy, and violence, hurt the people who feel them, so you have to stay away from those feelings. But positive feelings, like love, respect, and tolerance, benefit the people who feel them, so you have to have positive feelings to attract positive people and be able to live happier. I, for example, am happy with my friend Enol, the other goalkeeper, and that makes me feel better and more confident. 


IES  Virgen de Covadonga  

Alejandro - Trust and Loyalty

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When I was 12 years old, I went to the mountains because I went on a bike ride with my friend Samuel. But when we arrived, we didn’t know where we were and we didn’t have a mobile phone to call my father.

We searched for the way to go to Laviana, but we couldn’t find it. We searched for two hours. We were near an old tree and Samuel and I felt insecure, scared and worried.

The sun was starting to set, but we still had not found the way. Suddenly, we heard a sound and when we went to look, we saw my father!

Finally, we could go to Laviana. When my father found us, he felt relieved. That day I learned I can’t go out without a mobile phone.

I believe it’s important to trust my friends and be loyal to them.

Hugo - Every effort has its reward

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I believe in effort and hard work.

We all make mistakes, but you have to know how to face them. We must take our mistakes and face the consequences.n At the beginning of the school year, for my first language test, I relaxed and thought I knew everything perfectly, but when I took the exam, I had doubts and it did come out as I would have liked.

The next time I had a language test, I worked harder than before. I studied and did more exercises. I worked harder and it was worth it. I improved my mark by a lot.

In conclusion, I am very proud of my work and from that exam I learned I always need to try to do my best, because I have found that hard work leads to a great reward. This rule was taught to me by my parents and grandparents.

Pablo - Life after death

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When I was seven years old, my grandfather died and I cried a lot. My mum and my dad talked with me because I was very sad. They talked with me about a god and they said my grandfather is with him and they can see us. Now, I believe in the afterlife and that there we can stay with our family.
Now I don’t know the truth because people say that God isn’t real, but other people say God is real. I think that a person called “god” existed in the past, but he wasn’t a god. I don’t believe in a god but I do believe in life after death.

Miguel - Karma

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I believe in Karma. One day, at the end of term party at school, when I was seven years old, I was eating ice cream. But in the sun, the ice cream started to melt and it fell on my t-shirt. Because of this, a friend laughed at me, but then a few minutes later, his ice cream fell on his t-shirt. After that his t-shirt and trousers got wet and it was very funny.

Eneko - Miracles

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I believe in miracles because at the age of six, I saw one.
It was a Saturday in February, 2012. I was leaving a center after an extracurricular activity with my mum and my sister. We pressed the lift button to go downstairs and go home, but when the lift was on the second floor, it broke! I was scared and nervous because there wasn’t any light in the lift!
I felt very bad and I thought I would die because the lift was very dark. One hour later, the miracle happened! Firefighters opened the lift door and when we got out, I felt free because I could go to my house.
After this experience, I learned that life isn’t always fair. I need more patience and that lifts aren’t always good. When I remember this moment, I feel sad and bad because I don’t like to remember sad moments. 
I believe in miracles because it was a miracle that I survived. I think miracles only happen to good people.

Sara - Love

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I believe in romantic love. I think two people can love each other their whole lives. I know many couples who have been together for many years and who love each other very much. 
We also love our family. I love my parents, my sister and my grandmother. I also love my pets. They are part of my family, too.
And I also think you can love a friend. I think you can have a friend who can be like a brother.
So think there are many kinds of love and I believe in all of them.

Asbel - Self-Control

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One day, when I was six years old my mom told me I couldn’t play with my tablet, so I should go play football with my friends. I went with my friends Martin ann Alejo. We played in the square in El Entrego, where there is a church and a fountain.
We played a match and I was the goalkeeper. Suddenly, the ball hit me in the face! My teeth flew out of my mouth. I felt scared and hurt. I looked for them for an hour but I couldn’t find them. I felt bad, sad, angry and confused because of being hit by the ball. 
The next day, we found my teeth on the floor of the church. I felt relieved and happy and I learned that football is dangerous.
I believe in self-control because I need to avoid the ball so it doesn’t hit me in the face.

Mauro - Fun can be dangerous

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One day, when I was seven years old, I went to the beach in Gijón with my uncle, my aunt, my parents and my cousins. I was wearing glasses, I had tan skin and I was wearing swimming trunks. It was a beautiful day because it was warm and sunny.
I went into the water to play with my cousin and we went deeper into the water. The sea pushed me out deeper and deeper. I felt very scared when I was in the deep sea. I tried to swim out. It was hard and I felt tired, but I finally made it!
Now that I’m 12 years old, I feel sad about that day because I almost drowned. I’ve learned that I need to be more careful while doing things. I believe some fun things are dangerous.

Elsa - Freedom

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This event happened on holiday when I was 11 years old. I went to Playa Cálida Hotel. My friends and I were going to eat at the restaurant, but before we ate we went to the sofas to play hide and seek. My friends Lorea, Lucía, Thalia, Dani and Pablo went with me.
Then we went to our hotel room. The room was on the sixth floor. We were there for about 10 minutes, but when we wanted to go downstairs, we couldn’t find the stairway. My friend Thalia saw a person go into the left-hand hallway and so we followed him.
I was sad and angry about being lost, but I was also having fun. Finally, we went to the swimming pool to find my other friends.
I thought that I wouldn’t want it to happen again and I would have a great time with my friends. I learned that I should be more careful so I don’t get lost in hotels. 
I believe that we are all free to do what we want.

Hugo - My Dream

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My biggest dream was visiting Catalonia. 
My biggest dream was fulfilled two years ago. For my birthday that year, I didn’t want anyone to buy anything for me, even though it was my birthday. But my parents decided to take me on a trip to Catalonia.  I visited a lot of places in Catalonia but my favorite places were Salou and Cambril, because those towns have many beautiful beaches. My birthday is in the middle of the summer, so there were a lot of people in the towns and cities we visited. One week later, my parents gave me a surprise and took me to Portaventura, an amusement park with themes from different countries.
In Portaventura, I went on a lot of rides, but I loved all the water rides the most. Also, during my stay, there was a special night called “White Night” where there were many spectacles from different cultures.
In this experience, I learned that money doesn’t give you happiness and family is the most important thing in the world. I haven’t got siblings and so family is the most important thing because you only have one.

Saúl - PlayStation

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I believe the PlayStation Four is the best video game console in the world because it’s really easy to play and it has a lot of different things to do.
My mum bought me a PS4 on Friday, August 13th. She also bought me two games, Rocket League and Ratchet and Klank. Rocket League is the best game I play and now I can’t stop playing. The game has two billion different combinations. Ratchet and Klank was the best game in 2016, but Rocket League bumps it to second place. It also has three best game trophies.
I learned from playing PS4 that videogames are better than street games. Before I believed that video game consoles were not important, but now I do.

Llara - Honesty

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One day when I was six years old, I went to Gijón. It was summertime. I was there because I have a flat in Gijón and I go there some weekends. That weekend, I went for a walk with my parents and my grandmother and we were on a street near the beach.
It was a sunny day and I was very happy because we were going to go shopping. In that moment, I saw a very fat man. I said to my mum, “Look, mum. That man is very fat.”
Then the man looked at me. I thought the man didn’t hear me, but he did and I regretted what I had said. After, my mum punished me.
Before this event I thought that what I said was fine, but now I think it wasn’t nice. Now I know that I can’t say everything I want without thinking. 
I believe in being honest, but without hurting people’s feelings, which is why sincerity is important to me. 

Enol - Football

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When I was six years old, I was going to play my first football match. Before the match, I stayed in my car. I was nervous but happy because it was my first match.
When I was the football field, my mom, dad and little brother watched me play. I played center field. My team lost the match and I felt very sad. It was a hard game, but fun, too.
In this moment, I thought that it is more important to participate than to win or lose. Some values that are important for me now are humility and competitiveness.
I believe in football.

Emilio - Karma

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I was riding my bike near the mountain because I was looking for the hole where an antenna is, but I didn’t know where it really was. I was looking for it because I wanted to see what it was like on the mountain.
When I was riding, I didn’t find it, so I thought that maybe it was higher up the mountain than I thought. I gave up searching after three hours. But when I went to the first place I looked and when I was near that place, bam! I fell into a hole! I believe it was karma because I shouted at my mom earlier. 
I started to shout but no one heard me for thirty minutes. So I used my bicycle to climb out, but my bike was still in the hole! I went to my house and told my mum so she could get it. Now, I know that when I’m in the mountains, I need to be more careful.

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